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I could almost feel the killer’s breath, hot on my neck, as he whispered in my ear. At 30, after several years working in insurance, I went back to university to study criminology. Two years into my degree, I stumbled across a website called Write A Prisoner while researching for an assignment.

Willing to write to both males and females although "Eric seeks a true, sincere Female penpal for friendship and possibly more". PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to send a photograph to Eric, it must have his name and DOC number written on the back. **Information/Interests: Walter would like MALE/FEMALe Penfriends "worldwide".With Jeremy, I felt like I was chatting with a friend, but some of my other pen pals, like serial killer Phillip Carl Jablonski, sent shivers up my spine. He’d killed not only one, but two of his wives and one of their mums.Another terrifying character, Ashley Kaufman, had become a vigilante, killing a paedophile in prison while serving time for murder. “If you treat me like an animal, I’ll behave like one,” he said.Fast-forward a decade and he’s a completely different man, serenading me if I’m sick, making me pretty bracelets and sending me prison-issue jelly beans.Before Jeremy came into my life a year ago, I didn’t believe that killers deserved second chances.

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