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If there's one recurring theme in the footage, it's that women seem to have some compulsion to wrap their legs around Tyler.

I don't know how he does it but it seems to happen in almost every clip, whether she's by herself, with friends, or in a mixed set.

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Last Thursday, I was faced with an important decision.

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March 25 would be the last day it was in 3D in San Diego. On the other hand, Avatar on the big screen in 3D would not likely be repeated again. It didn't help my confidence that in his introduction, he said "This 2 hour presentation is kind of like a movie. Tyler started off with giving us a "brain dump." It was kind of like the format of a random Eckhart Tolle speech.My first thought was, "Hey, I came to see Tyler, not a bunch of primates amogging each other," but it really tied into the subject at hand, so I was glad.For the next forty minutes or so, Tyler went into talks about the Dark Ages of humanity (400-1200AD or so), and how they affect us still today.This is why if you have the opportunity to hear him speak in your area (especially for free), you should definitely take it.After his speech, he moved into showing his in-field videos. I was more than a little skeptical about how these would look, given A) Most in-field videos are shit, B) Tyler's been in a relationship for quite a while. He began with a clip of him catcalling a hot brunette that had stepped into a cab, and was about to close the car door.

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