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“We try to keep it more under wraps because it is a lot more meaningful that way,” he said.

“At this point we don’t need all the free press.” It sounds like he knew that dating an underage girl wouldn’t look good, but he couldn’t help himself – he likes them young!

It was when she was 19 and had been working with him for a few years that he instructed her to go on birth control that their relationship became sexual.

The two got married in 1996 after a four-year courtship but divorced in 2000 after their only child was born with Pfeiffer syndrome and died six days after his birth.

Maybe age is just a number, but there are plenty of women in Hollywood who are closer in age to these men.

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After the breakup, she released a song called “Dear John.” In the song, she really let Mayer have it singing, “Dear John, I see it all now it was wrong/Don’t you think nineteen’s too young/To be played by your dark, twisted games/When I loved you so, I should’ve known.” When Mayer heard the song, he was anything but pleased. It was a really lousy thing for her to do,” he said.

9 Prince met Mayte Garcia when she was 16 years old and he was 31.

It was backstage at one of his concerts in Barcelona and he was immediately taken by her and said, “There’s my future wife.” A romance didn’t begin immediately, however.

Back in 2008, he told Access Hollywood that he really liked him.

“As a matter of fact, he went on a tour with me last week. 8 In 2004, Joel Madden began a relationship with Hilary Duff when he was 25 and she was just 16 years old.

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