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So today, 380 days since his passing, I'm writing to tell you that I miss him deeply, daily, like a good mother should.

I missed him as I sat in a cheap motel room in Sheridan, Wyoming reading the journal I kept of his short but beautiful life.

Other points that the ABC book points out are that: Fornication (i.e.

sex before marriage) in any way is always a grave sin and should be avoided because of the harm that it does to you and your future spouse.

When I feel his absence the most I often turn to Jordan and say "Jonah would have loved this." I have learned in loss that grief does not come on scheduled days.

Turns out my husband loved the The book came in faster than expected, it has a very good quality and we want to make another one in the future.

Honestly, I just didn't have it in me, which made me feel like a bad mother.

For me that "bad mother" feeling is a little funny. Even the day Jonah died, the day I gave him a fruit snack that killed him, I didn't feel like a bad mother.

I testify that because of Him, even our Savior, Jesus Christ, those feelings of sorrow, loneliness, and despair will one day be swallowed up in a fullness of joy.

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