Access 2016 updating tables message

Save the form before changing the record programmatically.

In the form: 2 Missing primary key or timestamp Make sure the SQL-Server table has a primary key as well as a timestamp column.

When the Recordsource is set to an empty string, you may see #Name in the now-unbound fields.

What I do is simply set the Visible property to False at the highest possible level (Detail section, Subform, etc.) during the time when the Recordsource is empty, hiding the #Name values from the user.

The original poster's response was extremly helpful and was indeed the source of much of my issues.

If you are using linked tables, ensure you have updated these and retry before doing anything else.

Maybe this does not work well with null entries if there is no timestamp column (see ).

The timestamp actually stores a row version number and not a time.

The KB article says to use an *instead of a *.mdb; however, Microsoft discontinued the support for Access Data Projects (ADP) in Access 2013. I have seen a similar situation with MS Access 2003 (and prior) when linked to MS SQL Sever 2000 (and prior).

In my case I found that the issue to be the bit fields in MS SQL Server database tables - bit fields do not allow null values.

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