Accomadating lenses

Furthermore, we can take the lens section out very easily, so we can come back five years after implantation and exchange it if something better comes along.”Sumit Garg, MD, vice chair of clinical ophthalmology, medical director and an associate professor of cataract, corneal and refractive surgery at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute at the University of California, Irvine, agrees that Juvene being a modular lens is advantageous. Garg is also a consultant to Lens Gen.) “The two-part lens consists of a fixed ‘base’ lens and a fluid-filled ‘power’ lens,” he notes.“In early clinical trials, the lens delivered up to 3 D of continuous range of vision, with minimal or no visual side effects.s everyone knows, the “holy grail” in cataract surgery is an implant that can give patients back a full range of visual accommodation—the kind most of us enjoyed in our youth.A number of implantable lenses currently in development (not yet approved in the United States or elsewhere) are showing the promise of at least coming close to that goal.It’s biomimetic, meaning that it mimics the natural crystalline lens; when the ciliary muscles contract, the zonules relax and the lens becomes rounder, just like the natural lens.Also, like the natural lens, the Juvene doesn’t split the incoming light the way a multifocal lens does.

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The data shows that the lens creates a very reproducible 2.5 D of accommodation, and the subjects report excellent quality of vision.

“Anyone who can accept a monofocal lens can have this lens implanted,” he explains.

“You have to have an intact capsular bag, the capsulotomy has to be good and there has to be good zonular support, but these are the usual concerns with any patient having cataract surgery.

For that reason, vision quality is excellent and optical side effects are minimal.”Dr.

Donnenfeld notes that filling the capsular bag is an advantage.

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