All sex chat line infomercials

A few are developed around storylines and have been called "storymercials".

Hence, political speeches or conventions may be derogatorily referred to as "infomercials" for a specific point of view.Stand-alone shorter commercials, 30 to 120 seconds in length with a call-to-action, are erroneously called infomercials; when used as an independently-produced commercial, they are generally known as DRTV Spots or Short Form DRTV.Many products and services that advertise using infomercials often also used these shorter spots to advertise during regular programming.Everyone has to deal with these things, but Wadham has gone viral on the internet because she defuses these situations in a unique way.Her most-shared clip has a viewer asking Wadham if he can pay for her to show her toes, to which she responds, “Get fucked.” Between gagging, she adds, “Get your foot fetish out of my chat,” all while pretending to give an actual price tag. Wadham tells Polygon that she’s created three unique layouts for her stream: one for the news, one for the weather, and one for infomercials.

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