Ampeg svt dating

Pair it with Ampeg's PF Series flip-top cabinets for the vintage ... Built to handle up to 500W, with portability to spare, the Heritage SVT-410HLF is ...Legendary tone and portability define Ampeg's Portaflex series of amplifier heads, and the PF-20T all-tube 20 Watt bass amplifier head is no exception. A., the Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF is the ultimate in premium, full-range Ampeg tone via custom-made U. The Ampeg SVT210AV is the portable alternative to a full-sized SVT cab.This bass amp head provides harmonically rich and studio-worthy tone that can satisfy ... Ideal for bleed-sensitive recording situations where the SVT810-AV can be too loud and live situations where it can be too large, the SVT210AV is designed using ... Keep your rig protected or show off your love for Ampeg gear with the following Ampeg accessories.

Ampeg did utilize serial numbers when producing their amps, but these numbers can sometimes be inaccurate.Look up the EIA code in a reference book or website such as this one: will give you a very accurate date of your amp.Dustin Covert is a freelance writer for the arts and entertainment section of the North Park Press in Chicago.He recently worked on the new TV documentary Irish Chicago for WTTW Channel 11.

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