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The ventral fins are consistently absent, and the other fins may or may not be developed.

The gill openings are extremely small and placed near the upper posterior angle of the gill cover.

The evolution of male brooding in pipefish is thought to be a result of the reproductive advantage granted to pipefish ancestors that learned to deposit their eggs onto the males, who could escape predation and protect them.

Furthermore, the ability to transfer immune information from both the mother (in the egg) and the father (in the pouch), unlike other chordates in which only the mother can transfer immune information, is believed to have an additive beneficial effect on offspring immunity.

These disturbances cause a decrease in seagrasses and eelgrasses that are vital in pipefish habitats.

Due to pipefish's narrow distribution they are unable to adapt to new habitats.

Due to their lack of strong swimming ability pipefish are often found in shallow waters that are easily disturbed by industrial runoffs and human recreation.

Shoreline are also affected by boats and drag lines that move shoreline sediment.

A comparative test of the reliable indicator hypothesis Behavioral Ecology, 26(4): 1030-1038, Cover Image: A female Common Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca). Females of this species move away from brightly glowing rivals to avoid appearing dull, see Borshagovski et al.

They are abundant on coasts of the tropical and temperate zones.

Most species of pipefish are usually 35–40 cm (14–15.5 in) in length and generally inhabit sheltered areas in coral reefs or seagrass beds.

The majority of pipefishes have some form of a caudal fin (unlike seahorses), which can be used for locomotion.

Most pipefishes are marine dwellers; only a few are freshwater species.

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