Angelina love dating cody rhodes

Hendry tosses Cheeseburger around with some amateur wrestling moves.

Castle is cutting a promo using only the camera microphones. Eli comes out with a push and gets some offense in.

-Okumura tries to chop Bruiser but it has no effect. -The Bouncers try to double team but Felino sends them over the ropes together.

Felino with a sunset flip but Bruiser breaks up the pin.

Owens nails Shane with a chop to the corner and tells him once again to suck it. Chase goes for the offensive but Shane just pushes him across the ring to the corner.

Rush follows him and begins beating Vinny down outside the ring. Chase attempts to throw Shane around but he doesn’t budge. Fans chant “one more time.” Shane tells the audience to be quiet and prepares for a slap, but instead pokes Chase in the eyes. Owens hits a flatliner and goes for the pin, but its a two count.

-Bruiser manhandles both members of coast to coast. -Coast to Coast enter the ring and double team Felino. The bouncers come back with a double team of their own.

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-Felino tries to run into Brian but nothing happens. -Felino gets the advantage immediately with offense. The Bouncers nail a double team back drop and leg drop on Ali for the pin and the 3 count. -Chase reverses a whip to the rope and tells Shane again to suck it. Chase ducks an attack and again tells him to suck it. Jenny Rose comes in and hits a northern light pin on Sumie but she kicks out at 2. Angelina is the only one not getting the hold done to her. PJ tries to escape but Silas just tosses him back down. PJ finally escapes and starts getting his own offensive. Both men try to hit moves but neither man can take the other down. -Rush gets control with a splash into the corner followed by a clothesline. Rush goes to run against the ropes but Vinny trips him and pulls him outside. Sumie climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile drop kick. They chain wrestle pins but neither man gets the win. Silas catches up with PJ in the ring with a clothesline. -Silas locks in a headlock and takes PJ Black down to the mat. Vinny puts Rush onto a table and starts nailing him with punches.

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