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It turns out he's a dab hand at writing stories, too.Working alongside his father Edward "Chips" Hardy and accomplished screenwriter Steven Knight, the grizzled Englishman recently made his TV writing debut with Taboo, a period drama set in 19th century London.Matt Sayer is a writer for Finder, covering all things technology and telecommunications.Along with reporting on events like CES and Mobile World Congress, he has produced comprehensive guides for popular products like smart speakers and graphics cards.Tablo's Book Maker lets you build a table of contents, format and style your book, add images, and see exactly what your book will look like in print.


Young mum Dee, 36, is living with Type 3 spinal muscular atrophy, leaving her with full feeling in her body, but virtually no strength.Jason, 29, broke his back at the local trampoline park and is a complete paraplegic, with no feeling or movement from the waist down.Khoa, 35, lost both legs in a car crash and has robotic prosthetic legs.Create My First Book When you publish with Tablo, your books can be available in e Book, paperback & hardcover with every bookshop in the world, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and thousands of physical stores.Anytime a reader buys your book, each copy will be printed and shipped on-demand from the closest location to the customer.

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