Average age of dating site users

Being legal drinking age didn’t hurt, either, I guess.(I'm Canadian.)As evidenced by the responses I received from a group of men on the subject, all men strategically set their age ranges for different reasons – some seeking love, setting their ranges for similar reasons I did, and others set their ranges as wide as possible to have more profiles to swipe through as they presumably sit on the toilet.Since the app doesn’t have many strategies one can apply prior to matching with another person, the age range has proven to be more strategic than originally perceived.

Payne left the company, and Rad simultaneously returned as CEO, in August 2015.We will look at the top sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin.Facebook's user base is dominated by 25 , but they still have 50 million user under the age 25.It's 2014, and Social Media is now a primary form of communicating with your audience.Communicating on Social Media is time intensive, so it's best to focus your efforts with the platform that reaches your audience most.

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