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He was very friendly with the cardinal, he was very friendly with the most famous columnist in New York, Walter Winchell, he had a lot of extremely powerful friends."Some background for the youngin's who somehow may not know who Roy Cohn was: When he was 24, as Assistant District Attorney of Manhattan, Cohn's eviscerating questioning of nuclear scientists Ethel and Julius Rosenberg was widely credited with their espionage convictions. And, at the time, seemed to know everyone in New York.The couple remarried in 1986 and divorced for the second time in 1992. Walters has an estimated net worth of about 0 million as of 2019.Walters was born on 25 September 1929 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents Louis "Lou" Walters and Dena (née Seletsky).Her house staff washes her hair and pulls it back in a ponytail." Someone close to the situation thinks Walters has Alzheimer’s Disease, Radar reports. Tuning in to watch her friends and former colleagues on The View, according to the website.It's unclear for how much longer she'll be able to do this, however.The last recorded sighting of Walters took place in July of 2016, after two months after she left The View.At 88 years old, Walters is allegedly confined to a wheelchair and almost never leaves her apartment in New York City, a friend tells Radar Online.

Reportedly, they married was annulled after 11 months in 1957.

Cohn's death from AIDS in 1986 was immortalized by playwright Tony Kushner in his Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play, .)Previous to this revelation about his helping her father, Barbara Walters' devotion to Roy Cohn had been explained as gratitude for his role in the adoption of her daughter.

You have to wonder how Walters managed to have a such a successful career in journalism while being lifelong friends with such a famously evil person.

“Friends just want to say goodbye,” this source eerily says.

Many of Walters' other friends were horrified that she would even talk to Cohn, but what Walters reveals for the first time in "Audition" is that Cohn somehow got a warrant for her father's arrest dismissed. And I might have thought the same way, but he did something when my father was in trouble, [and] I never forgot that."Loyalty, she says, means everything to her. In his autobiography, Cohn claimed that the judge imposed the death penalty on the Rosenbergs on his recommendation.

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