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Is it 'bale out' or bail out', and should there be different spellings for the different meanings of the phrase?

Those meanings would be a good place to start: - Make an emergency exit from an aeroplane, using a parachute, - Ladle water from a boat, - Liberate from prison, into the security of a guarantor, - Jump from a surfboard/skateboard/bicycle etc., in order to avoid getting injured, - Step away from a pitch in baseball.

According to word origin information from, back in the day, baseball parks were built so batters would always face east, shielding their eyes from the afternoon sun.

Thus, pitchers faced west, and the dominant arms of lefties fell to the south side of their bodies.

According to Scottish Golf History, it could be because caddies used to be called "forecaddies."Or, as golf enthusiast and writer Brent Kelley surmises, "fore" can also mean "ahead," and yelling "fore" simply means to "look out ahead."Both sources agree, however, that the warning cry has been used for a very long time in golf.

In soccer or hockey, a "hat trick" refers to a player scoring three goals in one game.

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In baseball, the letter "K" represents a strikeout.There are many examples of both 'bail out' and 'bale out' for all of the above meanings.There is a 'correct' spelling for each however, based on whether the expression in question derives from 'bale' or 'bail' and, more significantly, where you live.This is an unusual phrase (or is that pair of phrases?) in that it isn't the origin or the meaning that is the source of debate, but the spelling.

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