Best sedating herbs

Vitamin D can remedy daytime drowsiness while improving overall well-being. B vitamins helps tryptophan in your body convert to niacin and serotonin, which regulate sleep and increase REM.

Passion flower is regularly added to sleep supplements or can be taken separately as an anti-anxiety.

How it works: Homeopathic extracts such as white chestnut help ease a restless mind and cherry plum targets tension.

Your Rx: Swallow a couple sprays right before bed and again, if you wake up in the middle of the night.

But you may not want to take drugs that make you feel listless or wired.

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You should not eat raw, unprocessed butterbur root, which is dangerous.

It keeps us alert during the day and at rest during the night, and it is what our body needs to in order to sleep,” Dr. How it works: “Many people don’t have high enough levels of melatonin at night, so adding the supplement can help you fall asleep,” explains Dr. Valerian Root If your racing mind causes you to wake up in the middle of the night so often that you’re considering medication for help staying asleep, Valerian root is your friend. Bach Rescue Sleep Remedy If you’re not struggling with a serious sleep problem, Bach Flower Sleep Remedy might be all you need to nod off.

“It’s great for quieting racing thoughts and an active or nervous mind—flower essences do this really do well,” explains Alisa Vitti, women’s hormonal health specialist and founder of

Chamomile tea (pictured) at bedtime soothes and calms, acting as a very mild natural sedative.

If you have allergies, there are plenty of medications to choose from.

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