Body care choices dating fitness

"It’s really important that you're giving your body that much consistency, especially if you notice you’re not getting stronger."And while there are a number of ways to split up your weekly workouts, Davis is a fan of doing an efficient, full-body routine during each of those three to five training days.

"Most people are not going to overdo it doing upper body a few days a week," she says.

Or, if you are doing a decent number of moves, be sure that your rep and weight count are challenging enough.

Essentially, your workout volume is the culmination of your consistency, intensity, and exercise choices.

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Davis says that while it's great to do exercises that focus on specific muscles if you have the time-like biceps curls and leg extensions-you shouldn't prioritise them.

Instead, go for multi-joint (multiple muscle group) movements.

"I have many clients who are fearful of lifting heavier, but you really need to be training at a higher intensity in order to see progress," she says.

So if you've been sticking with those 10 pound dumbbells for upper body exercises, stop underestimating yourself-grab those heavier weights.

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