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In 2010, a teenaged Hope became an intern at Forrester Creations and fell in with photographer Graham Darros, who nearly raped her before Nick came to her rescue.She then fell for Oliver Jones, but Steffy Forrester decided she wanted the hunk for herself and schemed to split them up (while sabotaging her "Hope for the Future" fashion line for good measure! But it was actually Brooke who ruined her daughter’s relationship by sleeping with Oliver during Hope’s masquerade graduation party thinking he was Ridge!This led to a series of reversals where Liam went back and forth between the blonde and the brunette.Hope was forced to watch from a gondola as Liam and Steffy tied the knot in Aspen, Bill tried to keep Hope from exchanging vows with Liam in Italy, and Steffy got pregnant with Liam’s baby!Tragically, Hope lost the baby and decided to escape to Italy.

Unfortunately, Hope’s insistence on remaining a virgin until marriage sent a frustrated Liam into Steffy’s waiting clutches.

at least until Taylor resurfaced and Hope worried about her daughter being anywhere near Steffy’s unstable mother.

Unfortunately, after traveling to Catalina for a "babymoon" with Liam, Hope went into labor early and Dr.

As a child, Hope nearly drowned in a hot tub when Nick wasn’t watching and later, she and little brother R. were unintentionally left home alone and they set the living room on fire.

Also, Hope was the one who revealed to Aly that Taylor Hayes had run down Darla!

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