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However, BBC is loaded with hours of additional principles, stories, footage, and tips that have never struck the blog before! However, we are happy to refund the program if it doesn’t save you at least what you paid for it.In addition, any principles that may have been taught on the blog are brought to life in much greater detail in BBC. Our policy at BBC is to give you the tools and encouragement to ensure the best results.I purchased Budget Boot Camp less than a month ago and it has already made a significant difference in the way I view money. The things I have learned form Budget Boot Camp, her blog posts, and videos have totally changed my view on budgeting, spending and saving. There is no perfect answer for this, since the beauty of BBC is that it’s a “go at your own pace” program.

Much of the program is teaching and empowering you to take the lessons and make them work for you and your personal circumstances, just as any diet or exercise program would need to be tweaked to fit your particular body type and goals. As long as you have internet access, BBC can be accessed anywhere in the world.In terms of being able to apply the principles outside of the USA, it should be no problem. We have found an increasing trend where Boot Campers invest in the program, but then never complete it, or maybe never even start it at all.Most of the videos are principle-based; they give you foundational tips and teach you exactly how to apply the principle in YOUR stage of life, YOUR location, and make it work with YOUR financial situation! When it comes to your finances, it’s all about keeping on track and we want to help you do that.Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver.This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver.

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