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“They started off interested in puppets, for the David Bowie movie Labyrinth [1986] and 1982’s The Dark Crystal [whose prequel TV series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, will be on Netflix soon, with characters from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, possibly in 2018],” says Mc Kenzie, “and that pioneered the work they continue to do.” Jackson and Taylor went on to create special effects that helped make Avatar the top-grossing film in history and also crafted the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings films, which earned twice as much.

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Speaking from Brooklyn the other day, Clement says he still lives in New Zealand, “but New York is my spiritual home.

They started out planning a little concert, and then it got bigger and bigger. Besides inspiring Mc Kenzie’s act with Clement — “There’s a bit of Muppet in us, in the way we mix music and comedy, and if Bert and Ernie could sing about girls in bars, it’d be pretty similar” — Henson, who died at 53 in 1990, inspired the Southern Hemisphere’s top filmmaker, Peter Jackson, 56, and his five-Oscar-winning effects-wizard partner, Sir Richard Taylor, 58.

There were 15,000 people in attendance.” Mc Kenzie, Kermit, Bert, Ernie, Count von Count, characters from Sesame Street, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performed everything from Mc Kenzie’s Oscar-winning “Man or Muppet” to the Fraggle Rock theme song, “Dance Your Cares Away,” to “Rainbow Connection.” The event highlighted the remarkable connection between Australia’s remote neighbor and the heart of the U. Jackson and Taylor, cofounders of the special-effects company Weta Workshop (named after a New Zealand insect so big it scares cats), got their start with the extremely rude 1989 Muppets parody, Meet the Feebles, and Weta's artists participated in the Retrospectacle's workshops for aspiring puppet masters.

After a solid supporting set from their TV landlord Eugene Mirman, we're treated to superb renditions of classics, including 'Hurt Feelings', 'Robots', 'The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)' and 'Foux de Fafa' (though 'Business Time' and 'Hiphopopotamus Vs.

Rhymenoceros' are noticeable absences from their small-screen repertoire).

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