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In 2001, a foriegn object in Ötzi's shoulder was revealed to be a flint arrowhead.It was this wound that probably killed the Iceman – although no major organs were pierced, the arrow severed a major blood vessel, which almost definitely caused Ötzi to bleed to death.Was it a tragic hunting accident, or something more sinister?Ötzi was definitely involved in a fight shortly before his death – an unhealed hand wound confirmed he had been in hand-to-hand combat in the last few days of his life.Ötzi's nail had three Beau's Lines, indicating that his immune system had been under severe stress on three occasions in his last six months.He had been ill approximately 8 weeks, 13 weeks and 16 weeks before his death.On Thursday 19th September 1991, two German tourists were out hiking in the Ötztal Alps when they made a gruesome discovery.

Building up a picture of Ötzi Ötzi was the best preserved human ever uncovered from this time, writes the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.Because of this, some have suggested that Ötzi was a hunter – however, these items could just as easily have been for protection against other humans.Ötzi's clothing and equipment was consistent with that of a shepherd or migratory herder – with ember containers that would have kept him warm found on his person, he would have been able to walk in the high mountains for days. But if Ötzi was used to this kind of work, and well-equipped for it, how did he come to meet his end alone in the mountains?The couple looked closer, and were horrified by what they saw. Trapped in ice with only its head, shoulders and back exposed, it was difficult to tell what had happened to this person.The couple assumed they'd found the decomposing victim of a mountaineering accident. A worldwide sensation On Monday 23rd September, Ötzi was finally extracted using ice picks and ski poles.

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