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Though viewers don’t mind drama every now and again — just look at how successful big Twitch casters and popular influencers on You Tube are — the circumstances Jones finds himself in are too reminiscent of high school drama, according to people in the Reddit thread.Twitch doesn’t have any hard rules about on-stream drama, but as its IRL rules are expected to change, Twitch may also enforce certain etiquette too.Greekbill provides your group with industry-leading technology with a new, easy-to-navigate user interface.Our systems are data agnostic (work with any existing database) and can flex to meet your organization's requirements.These and other familiar casters are notorious for their ability to create controversy.Now, however, at the height of a feud that reached the front page of Reddit’s default front page, the subreddit’s community wants all mentions of Mitch Jones, one of the most controversial creators, removed.

Many of the biggest streamers, including Sodapoppin, Ice_Poseidon and Greek God X, have made a name for themselves on the subreddit by using drama to win attention.

Update: Polygon spoke to Jones after this story was published.

In a phone call, Jones told Polygon that the first clip, in which he spoke about his viewers not subscribing was “taken out of context,” and meant it as a joke.

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