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Blaze was confused for a moment before realization dawned on him.

Jie Er was the last person he wanted to disappoint, in this world. Jie Er tried to look serious for a moment before her lips sprouted a wide grin. " he said sarcastically, before going to the stove and pouring himself a cup of the cocoa coffee.

He used them to his advantage and practiced his energy manipulation and wing manifestation skills whenever.

They were rooms with heavily shielded walls that people could use to practice their skills. " "Ok, little Elyssa" "I am gonna whack you" "You can call me a child, but I can't call you little? In truth, she still had forty years left to grow and although she was short for her age, no one could say how tall she would be by the time she finished her growth. " Blaze said gently as he saw her face turning red with frustration. And since I am a lot younger than you, if I win, I also get to order you around for a day.

A bit apprehensive, he walked in to the kitchen to find the women in a deep conversation. She dropped him off at the library and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, before flying off to her battalion. He returned the history book & started browsing for more. Blaze grabbed her from under and leaned into her breasts. You are also forty years younger than me and yet, you held your own. Agatha's moans got louder and louder, until she finally gasped, arched her back and came; flooding Blaze with hot wetness. He had finally managed to grow his wings to two feet. Rebecca came up with the idea after we discussed about her stay" Jie Er patted on his shoulder. Jie Er and Rebecca gave him more guidance in the evenings, and with all this help he made quick and steady progress. " Blaze chirped happily, as he sat down at his seat that Friday morning.

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