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Jade twists in the form of jewelry and necklaces are a very powerful symbol to be shared with the special people in your life.

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As you can appreciate, some of these art works take our carving specialists many months to complete.

Some of these works are pieces of many bones fit carefully together so well you cannot see the joints. PRICE: More information# 9501 W 46" x 45" tall Cattle BONE TUSK MOUNTAINON THE TOP OF THE TUSK MOUNTAIN, THERE ARE SEVERAL GROUPS OF GODDESS AND FAIRIES.

In fact, hairpins and pendants were the dominant forms of fine jewelry in China up until the...

Soapstone is a soft rock, that has been carved by the Chinese for centuries, and is still being carved today.

Netsuke production was most popular during the Edo period in Japan, around 1615–1868.

Whatever the form of the container, the fastener that secured the cord at the top of the sash was a carved, button-like toggle called a netsuke.Traditional Japanese garments—robes called kosode and kimono—had no pockets; however, men who wore them needed a place to store their personal belongings, such as pipes, tobacco, money, seals, or medicines.Their solution was to place such objects in containers (called sagemono) hung by cords from the robes' sashes (obi).The name derives from the soap-like feel that some of the softer grades of soapstone have.The softness of the rock is due to talc in its composition, and the amount of talc can vary from 80% (very soft) to about 30%.

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