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The expectations that both sides of the gender have with respect to the relationship comes into the argument now.

Most of the time, the members of the harem do not have many expectations.

He would have to have some qualities that allow him to survive.

One quality I feel is relevant would be his patience with the girls.

In this essay, the harem to be analysed would be the one in Date a Live.

This belongs to the much rarer kind of harem, because I felt it does capture the peculiarities of such relationship structures.

Episode 1 depicts a normal day in Itsuka Shido’s life, and it is a busy day, because all of his harem members expects him to resolve something.

There is almost no time for himself, but he continues to smile even in such a situation.

On the other hand, Shido is also not expecting much in terms of romance, as he had not even progressed much in that aspect.This can also mean that the parties involved would have already admitted that they are in a harem, and are not expecting as much as from a monogamous one.This is obvious in Date a Live Mayuri Judgement, where the girls are obviously very open with the fact that they are content with having only a few hours alone, in a one-day date with Shido.They are not demanding a lot from the relationship, maybe just a few romantic dates once a month, or just being able to have fun with the people that they like.In a way, this is slightly unnatural, because they are not getting as much from the relationship than if they are in a monogamous one, nor are they expecting as much from the relationship.

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