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We acted as if we had known each other for YEARS, meanwhile we hadn’t even known eachother for a whole 24 hours.After we ate, he asked me to show him around my hometown, which was approx.We didn’t really touch on my son or the situation with his father etc, we mostly just talked about our interests, goals, so on & so forth. When everyone was ready to leave (we had come in separate vehicles, obviously) he asked me to ride in the car with him & his friends.So I told the group of friends I came with that I was going with him.I know it sounds crazy considering he hasn’t even met him & I’ve even asked him why/how he feels this type of way to a child he hasn’t even met yet & he responded with “He’s your’s. There is no way I could reach out to him about this and make him aware of this without him thinking it’s me trying to put some stunt to make him jealous etc. I explained all of this to him last night & all he told me was that there’s no way things won’t work out between us, but he understands that it’s a big deal for me & that he understands if I want to put it off. It feels right but there’s a lot more that plays into this than what “feels right” especially in our situation. I love all of you, therefore I love all of him” ) & I’m really trying to make the right decision here. Krw4You sound like you’re hesitant for all the right reasons: that being your son’s best interest. an hour & a half from where we were, so we drove there & I showed him all the schools I had attended over the years, the apartments where I used to live when I was in elementary school, the house we moved into when my mother married my step dad, etc. Eventually, he ended up taking me home & kid you not within 10 mins of me walking in the door he texted me telling me that he missed being around me and asked if he could come back and pick me up again.

We have nothing but love and trust for one another, this man & I almost never fight. I did put the idea of him meeting my son into his head, especially considering he’s deploying soon.. Sorry, I wrote this having not slept for over 36 hours! I gave the “backstory” simply because I figured someone would say it was way too soon to introduce him to my son, so I just wanted to give everyone an idea of how everything happened & some insight as to how emotionally connected this man & I have been from the start. The only reason I have doubts with him meeting my son is because I don’t want my boyfriend to get overly attached to my son (which I know he will, he’s already crazy about him & he hasn’t even met him) and then maybe say he’s not able to be as involved as he’d like to be with my son. Keep in mind at this point in time, I had just gotten out of a two year relationship with my son’s father in September & then had just recently gotten out of my rebound relationship from my two year relationship literally 3 days before meeting this man (sorry, I suck at wording things).Back to that night, he, as in the man this post is about, ended up walking right over to me after they were done whispering back & forth & sparked up a conversation & then the rest of the night we were inseparable.I know my boyfriend will understand if it doesn’t happen before he leaves, but I want him to meet my son just as badly as he does. Yes, if it doesn’t work out then your son attachment to this man is all for not. I feel like your intuition has kept you from saying yes.

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