Dating agency cyrano 12

Este drama conta a história de uma agência de namoro que orquestra cenários românticos para os clientes pagantes, tudo com o intuito de juntar dinheiro o suficiente para salvar um velho teatro.Após Seo Byung Hoon (Lee Jong Hyuk) perder o seu melhor amigo em um acidente, o diretor de teatro, que já foi famoso, sofre de culpa e decide salvar o grupo teatral de seu antigo amigo.One grumpy and eccentric leader, a hopeless romantic, and two pretty boys work together to guarantee that your love will be one-sided no more.

The drama already started with actors Ji Jin Hee, Lee Chung Ah, and Choi Won Young to introduce the dating agency, and then moved on to Im Hyung Joon and Lee Yoon Ji to show what Cyrano is all about.Sure there are companies and online websites that will set you up with a stranger or a Russian bride, but I want someone to help me get E. Someone give me the number for a company that does that. Den, it looks like the Cyrano Dating Agency only exists in the Korean drama world where, as we all know, many people get amnesia and fall in love with their long-lost siblings. Not only is there a large population of single and handsome sons of CEOs, there is also an agency for all the non-rich and handsome people to find love.This company can be found in the new tv N drama “Dating Agency: Cyrano,” the prequel to the movie of the same title.The Cyrano team is all about manipulating the environment to portray their clients in a favorable and memorable light.If they have to dress their team member in a school uniform and create a fake identity as a high school student to watch over their client, then so be it.

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