Dating campus issues article

Next thing you know, you’ve found out everything about them without even meeting them.

Where’s the gut-wrenching, heart throbbing excitement of slinging sentences together hoping to impress?

"One has been to make sure real control of any campus unit remains with the leaders of that unit. Leaders are created by delegating authority." The program also has followed the principle of cooperating with other conservative campus groups.

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), a campus-oriented conservative research and organizing effort based in Wilmington, Del., has provided CLP campus chapters with speakers.

Institutions of higher learning across the United States have been rocked by reports of rape and sexual assault.

Federal, state and local officials have become involved, as schools work to revise their policies and procedures to prevent further incidents.

The stronger ones attract 50 or more students to weekly meetings; 34 groups have won recognition as on-campus groups; 28 have incorporated; and another 41 are in the process of doing so." In fact, the CLP's growth rate amounts to an impressive 15 new chapters every semester, all the more remarkable for taking place on college campuses, which conservatives long have considered a liberal playground.

Long gone is the nervous boy, dressed in his best clothes, knocking on the door of his date’s house and introducing himself to her parents.

But its goal is to help combat the excesses of academic liberalism. The Campus Leadership Program (CLP), offspring of the Leadership Institute and housed at its Arlington, Va., headquarters, is posing a challenge to "political correctness" on campuses across the country.They organized on campuses nationwide -- now it's our turn." In fact, the CLP has gone well beyond the radical organizations of the sixties, say longtime campus observers.Placing a major emphasis on training, the CLP introduces its neophyte activists to all aspects of "growing" a student movement, from running a meeting to winning on-campus elections to launching conservative student newspapers, activists tell Insight.These platforms have opened the doors and made it easier to meet people outside our initial circle of friends, and allow us to form further online relationships with them.How often have you added someone on Facebook after meeting them once or twice, they seem cool, so you start talking to them online?

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