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His grandparents were born in Mexico and came to California to work in the booming agricultural industry of the San Joaquin Valley.His father picked grapes for the Sunmaid Raisin Company and his mother worked in potato fields.Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites !

They go out walking and end up at a drugstore candy counter, where he offers to buy her any candy she wants.Encarta was an interactive encyclopedia developed by Microsoft. I'm not an expert on digital signatures but I'd say that either it's a fake copy of Encarta, or, if you bought it through a reliable source and you know that it's completely genuine, maybe a glitch appeared when the disc was actually being made by Encarta. QUOTE FROM ENCARTA: Scale insects are of almost worldwide distribution, being especially diverse in the tropics. As Soto's reputation as a poet grew, he also published several books of memoirs, relating what childhood in the San Joaquin Valley was like for the son of immigrants.These memoirs include Living Up the Street (1985), Small Faces (1986), Lesser Evils: Ten Quartets (1988), and A Summer Life (1990).

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