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If your focus is exclusively on Royal Delft (De Porceleyne Fles), we also heartily recommend the book by Rick Erickson, "Royal Delft - A Guide to De Porceleyne Fles."We can help identify delftware that has been broken by movers, and although it is highly unlikely to find the same item, we can generally replace it with something very similar.

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After 350 years of production, the Delft company continues to produce hand-painted pieces.

Flip your piece of pottery over to reveal the underside.

This design is common among plates made in the recent century.

Examine the piece for a current marking, mostly used on items during the 21st century.

A "crown" mark is not an indicator of "royal" delft.

The crown is a design with a cross in the middle of the top and a diamond just below.

We receive many, many inquiries to help people identify and value their delftware. They have both been created in recent years - the book, "Discovering Dutch Delftware" by Dr.

We needed two things to really do a good job of identifying and valuing delftware: 1) a good book to identify marks, and 2) a vibrant marketplace to set realistic prices.

This mark is a blue cursive "D" with an "A" attached, almost blended together.

Within the "D" is a classic windmill with four blades and a box-shaped base.

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