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The firm became "& Sons" in 1856 and "Ltd" in 1900.The names SAVOY and STAYBRIGHT were used in early 20th century cutlery.Examine your silver piece to find any writing or marks. If you do not see the word "sterling" or ".925," your piece is probably silverplate.Search for the words “Reed & Barton.” Another hallmark often used by Reed & Barton is a series of three marks. This is flanked by an eagle mark on the left and a lion passant (walking lion) mark on the right. If your piece was made from 1928 to 1957, it will have one of these date codes. It had manufacturing premises in Birmingham and London C. His address was Wicker St (1849-1851), Andrew St (1851-1855) and Johnson Lane (1855-1872). 1849-1855 1855-1872 JAMES ALLAN & COJAMES ALLANSheffield Active in Sheffield from 1849 to 1872 as manufacturer of Britannia Metal wares.The firm was converted in 1925 into a limited liability company under the style of Atkin Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd. ATKIN HISTORY AND INFORMATION PAGE ATKINSON BROTHERSATKINSON BROTHERS LTDSheffield Manufacturers of steel, cutlery, files and electro plate products.Active at Milton Works-Lion Works, Nowbray St, Sheffield from c. By 1888 they took the Beehive Works, a purpose built cutlery works located on Milton Street.

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In the early days the company was known for a wide range of silver plated trinkets and cutlery and the like. Ainsworth Taylor & Co was succeeded by Ainsworth, Pembrook & Co Ltd in 1906 (William Ainsworth chairman).The firm was active at Buchanan St and later at Miller St, Glasgow.ARTIFICERS GUILDLondon Founded in 1901 by Nelson Dawson.Compare the pictorial mark to a chart of Reed & Barton date code marks.One can be found at the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks and Maker’s Marks (see Resources).

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