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It might seem awkward, especially if you don’t know them well, but it’s worth it. If your allergens are present at a party, make sure to practice proper hygiene and don’t take risks with sharing glasses or cups with others.

With my coconut allergy, I have to be very careful not to have any drinks with coconut in them.

” because it was loaded with things I’m allergic to.

I was so embarrassed when I told him that I wouldn’t be able to eat it, and he got upset with me for not telling him earlier. It was really unfair of me to let him cook a whole meal, knowing that I might not be able to eat it. I learned a valuable lesson in that it’s hard for people to take you seriously if you don’t even take your allergies seriously.

After dating a guy for two weeks, he asked me if he could cook me dinner on our next date.

He told me that he was going to make me his specialty and that it would be the best thing I ever tasted!

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They made fun of all types of people, especially those with Celiac disease.

I pulled away before our lips even touched and asked her straight up “were you eating peanut butter? She told me that she had a peanut butter cookie that someone brought to the party. I found out she was a keeper right then as she told me that would be the last time she would eat peanuts when I’m around! Some people bring it up by asking them “what are 3 really unique things about you?

” Hopefully they will ask the same to you, and you can let them know about it then.

Some say that a real gentleman doesn’t “kiss and tell”, but the opposite must apply for teens with food allergies.

You absolutely must let people know about your allergies before you engage in a physical relationship.

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