Dating for messianic jews

As the sages say: "One who disqualifies, shows he has the same blemish." In our opinion, just knowing the facts about this sect and its principles of belief, are enough to protect one from falling in its net.This fact would immediately distance from the sect every rational Jew, and therefore, this is also the first fact that Jews for Jesus will try to hide when they present their faith.He was also crucified and died at the end of his life at the hands of people cringes even to hear this, but this is what all Messianic Jews / Jews for Jesus believe.If this monstrous, ancient lie about Jewish sages were not enough, the Jewish apostates to this form of Christianity even present themselves as observant Jews who eat kosher and affix a mezuzah on their front door, and sometimes even wear tefillin too, as part of their effort to disguise their apostasy from the Torah.

They will talk mainly about the prophecies of the Bible, and later will present Jesus as a historical figure whose name was distorted by rabbis from his original name "Yeshua" (meaning “he will bring salvation”) to "Yeshu" (whose letters are an acronym of the contemptuous phrase: “may he and his memory be blotted out”).

The sect is part of the Evangelical Christian movement which does not differentiate between gentiles and Jews, and is not Jewish despite its misleading name.

One who knows exactly what "Jews for Jesus" believe in, keeps their distance from this eccentric sect and will pay no attention to it.

Whereas the Christian New Testament explicitly says that the mother of Jesus was a virgin who conceived from the holy spirit "and not due to any kind of relationship with her husband”, Jesus therefore wasn’t a "son of David" even according to the Christian view (the Jews of his time also knew that Jesus was born outside of wedlock and they viewed him as a bastard, as stipulated by Jewish law.

They certainly didn’t believe for a moment the bizarre explanation that his married mother conceived by a god who then turned into a fetus in her womb).

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