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In this case, I suggest only texting her to SET UP THE DATE, and not to chat.That’s because she still doesn’t know you that well and doesn’t know your personality, so you’re still mostly just a stranger with her number. I realized today that the concept of the “crazy chick” and the “nice guy” are opposite sides of the coin. On the flip side, we hear women complaining about the inability to find nice guys. At worst, guys are jerks, users, and incapable of being faithful. ”Nice guys: “We’re here, but you ignore or friend zone us.”I think some women are drawn to bad boys; buff ego-maniacs; and/or larger than life narcissists. The longer I date, the less I believe those statements.And I say this as someone who has had abysmal luck at dating! Rather, I have found near-misses, nice guys who were better off as friends, nice guys who didn’t have time for a relationship, the guy who chose the crazy chick over me, confused dudes, just not my type dudes, not-ready-to-date-yet guys, and jerks.

But I definitely appreciate his unique self awareness.

If there was a Masters in Online Dating, Bonnie’s earned it.

This means: (1) That Bonnie is a failure at dating AND (2) She’s accumulated a lot of experiences and knowledge about the dating landscape for middle-aged chicks in Austin.

Stretch yourself a bit to see if you can mesh with someone you would typically dismiss.

At least give a few of those women/men a chance as an opportunity for you to grow into a new, potentially healthier dating phase.

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