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By taking The Lead, I mean they were playing the role of pursuer by asking men out, calling them, etc. Unfortunately though, in the dating scene, we are still stuck back in the archaic stone age.

Men still have the need to be hunters or like the challenge of “The Chase.” This isn’t bashing men at all. I am sure that this will cause some accusations about not empowering women and/or being anti-women.

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If she would have let him ask her out on a second date, she would know that he was interested in seeing her again because he initiated the action.

Instead of putting him on the spot at the end of their first date.

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However, many of them lack only one thing, a love life.

But after speaking with many of them, I realized that not all of them, but a significant number of them were actually dealing with very similar issues in their dating histories.

These women were all trying to take “The Lead” in their romantic relationships. If you are a strong capable adult who knows what (and/or who) you want why not pursue him?

It is a horrible feeling and can cause you to question your self-esteem and worth.

The truth is she didn’t do anything wrong except take the lead in the relationship.

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