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As one user on the /r/bigdickproblems subreddit posited, She gets two full hands on him and he has about 0.5″ left at the tip, 0.5″ between the knuckles and about 1″ left at the base (allowing for his very small fat pad). There is a picture on the internet holding a Blackberry Bold 9900, which is 4.53 inches tall.

Her knuckles appear to be about 4/7ths the height of the phone, which puts her hands at about 2.6 inches wide. So by my estimation he is about 0.5″ 2.6″ 0.5″ 2.6″ 1″ = 7.2″ length.

When Whitney Houston passed away, media and family attributed three things to her death: drugs, Bobby Brown and Ray-J!

R&B singer/actor Ray J picked Mz Berry as the winner of the second season of "For the Love of Ray J." On the first season of "For The Love of Ray J," he picked Cocktail (Joanna Hernandez), but their relationship didn't last so he came back for a second season.

His family moved from Mississippi to Los Angeles when he was young, and by the age of ripe age of 8 he was already appearing in television commercials.

That might explain why he’s not so shy in front of the camera!

“Well, every time I ask Ray J about Whitney he always says that’s just his friend.

People think that you and Whitney are in a relationship.’ He was like, ‘Well, that’s what they’re gonna think, but I’m telling you the truth and I’m not dating Whitney.

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