Dating jackson guitar serial numbers

There is an exception to this serial number format, Fusion model guitars (1990-1995) also have a 6 digit serial but will start with 90-95 with the first two digits corresponding to the year (90xxxx = 1990, 95xxxx = 1995).

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A black JS20 (serial number 65002013) was my first electric guitar and my first Jackson, purchased new in 1996.You can also build your own customized metal guitar or bass via the Custom Select page. ) I am puzzled by the serial number stamped on the neck in the usual place. I have only seen SNs with J followed by 4 numbers, not 5.The site also features a community page where users and fans can interact. Ser.#uo6549 = 1998 USA Ontario Jackson USA on top headstock, some signature in white on headstock back looks like Mat something or other can't really make it out. It is definitely an early neck through SL1, has a Floyd Rose and 3 Seymour Duncans, HSS. It came with a Kahler tremolo (which I requested) that hasn't let me down in all this time.Production of the MIK Performers ended in 1998 and the production moved to Japan in 1999.There is not a precise way of dating the production numbers across all four years of MIK production (I only have a few dates aligned with serial numbers as of right now); if you have a MIK guitar please post the serial number and any other information at

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