Dating preferences questionnaire

It is quite possible (but maybe not advisable) to mix the two systems, and have within one questionnaire both named and un-named questions.If you need a question to be used as the "parent" of one or more subsequent questions in your questionnaire, then you must name that "parent question".

Note that if a page contains questions with required response the respondent will not be allowed to navigate to the next page unless those required responses have been given.

The date question type will accept dates consisting only of a month plus a year (e.g. There is no real advantage to using the Dropdown Box over using the Radio Buttons except perhaps for longish lists of options, to save screen space.

This question will display a plain text box with x Textarea columns (or area width) and y Textarea rows (number of text lines).

Use Nb of decimal digits to specify the format of the Average value counted and displayed at the Questionnaire Report page.

Examples: The Rate question now features extra "not yet answered" radio buttons.

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