Dating sims games for iphone

These include going to the gym, styling outfits, socializing, something called “mano-a-mano combat mode” and “romantic encounters in a bar or club.” Oh my. The press release doesn’t reveal much in terms of the game’s story -- you play a character who’s just moved to the big city of Gaydorado, in search of love, adventure, success. Images of the game offer some more clues of what to expect in terms of plot -- diabolical divas in fur wraps, and possible jaunts on a private jet. The game also boasts a robust social component, according to Coco Bear’s press release: “With a strong sense of community at its heart, offers carefully designed and implemented social systems – allowing players to chat to one another across the globe either in public or private chat rooms.” Which is cool, I guess, if you’re into that stuff.

At the moment there is no confirmed date for when The Sims Mobile will be released.EA has posted a trailer online which gives a flavour of the game and ends with the words "Coming Soon".You can sign up for alerts about the game by visiting the EA Sims Mobile site and clicking on .Dream Daddy has you build your very own dad, before moving into a sunny cul-de-sac full of dads who are (mostly) single and (definitely) ready to mingle.After the obligatory prologue where you meet the range of dads on offer - Grill Dad, Book Dad, Cool Dad, Vampire Dad, the usual - you're then given free reign to message whichever dad you like best on Dad Book and go out on a date with them.

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