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As important as landing pages are, sometimes they simply aren’t necessary — such as when you advertising through media buys, email and social networks.

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Landing pages are simply the best way to improve your chances of finding success and profitability in affiliate marketing.

For example, someone searching for “free credit report” might not be looking for the same service as someone searching for “how to increase 650 credit score” — but the same person would be a valuable lead to a credit score related company.

This means it would be in your best interest to approach the traffic for each of these keywords differently with a unique pre-selling landing page.

When choosing an affiliate offer or web site to promote, there are many to choose from, but not many that will last for a long time.

The reason ad campaigns die is because of massive promotion, ad copy going stale or the interest in the product or service simply comes to an end. As long as there are people in the world, there will always be those looking for someone to match up with, and most importantly… In addition to the world of dating in general, social networks like Facebook and Plenty of Fish make the task of advertising for dating networks ridiculously easy.

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