Dating sites for twelve years

Hey Dianne Well, its one thing for a 12 y/o to have a "boyfriend" but a different thing to date.

I believe that the appropriate age is 16 to go out on dates, and then go with friends the first couple of times.

we're going to have to get cable to get away from the smut on regular television. If you can, get your grand daughter involved in an afterschool sport or other activity that will occupy her time (a lot! Young girls need to become obsessed with something else besides boys.

anyway, i pray for your granddaughter -that she actually picks nice boys, because otherwise, she's likely to end up exactly where you think she's never going to go. If you can afford it, horses are a great thing to get her hooked on to or soccer or art classes or anything! Girls today think that oral sex is not sex and see nothing wrong with doing it.

Remember that you did not raise that boy and maybe HE wasn't raised right.

Please don't allow your grand daughter to jump into a world she's too young to experience. You are so brave and compassionate to take her under your wing.

hey every body i riase my grandoughter and she is 12 almost 13 and she wants to start dating and i dont know what age is good for her to start dating at i need help to find a good age to start dating at so please feel free to put an in put in i need to know ok every body i did not let my grand doughter go out on the date but i maid all of you think that i let her go i am smarter than that i did let joerdon come over and they played games and eat dinner and wached a movie.i would go in every so often and nothing was going on thank you all for the help im sorry if if i sounded mad or mean on the first reply but i wanted to see what all you ladies would do im thinking that she is not allowed to date till she is 15 or 16 so thank you all and 1 more thing merrie told me that she wanted to have sex with joerdon.

My neice's mother made the same bad decision to let her date at age 11.

I think that when I was in 9th grade, my parents let me go to a movie with a boy. I started dating someone as a Sophomore in high school. Hi Dianne, I am no expert, and my daughter is only three right now, but personally, i think 12-13 years old is too young to date.

Most of those experiences were at my house with my parents around! My parents did not let me go "on a date" until I was 16, they had known the person for a while, they knew where I was going, who would be there, and when I was coming home.

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