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You will learn to cherish each other’s personalities.Every day, you will feel motivated to gain new experiences and learn something new.It enhances the relationship by always having something new, exciting, and different to learn about the other.

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You can help each other by filling in the gaps the other person fails to fill.

One’s Strengths Offsets The Other’s Weaknesses If your significant other is the same as you, then you probably share the same strengths, and that leaves no scope to cover up the shortcomings.

You need to date someone whose strengths can offset your weaknesses and vice versa.

Twinning in a relationship won’t expose you to new and challenging situations, and you will lack the support if you both fail to excel in something. By stepping into each other’s shoes, you gain contrasting experiences, and you see life in a whole new perspective.

You Will Enhance Each Other’s Lives Yes, it’s true, you both may be different, and your opinions may not often align. Your ideal half may not understand your sense of humor nor enjoy the same TV shows you love, but that way you get to share and talk about something different.

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