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The existence of the pay for pleasure industry in this part of the world is well documented, and you are probably aware that if anyone back home becomes aware of your travels to places like Thailand, they will commonly assume that you will be liaising with ladies of the night.As an early heads up, my own opinion sits on the fence and leaves it up to the reader to decide what is right for himself.The truth is that bad, nasty women exist everywhere. Asian women like foreigners because they’re respectful – and certainly expect you to fulfill certain obligations in return for being a king at home. But if you go to Jakarta – a megapolis of 10,000,000 people – you’ll find a vibrant and international community.

That’s just how it is – and in this post, I want to share 5 of the most common myths about South East Asian women, and the realities behind them so you can see this new world with your own eyes and feel it with your heart. People think that most South-East Asian countries are poor. Today, a majority of the population can afford smartphones and cars. Having said that, a small portion of the population mainly in the countryside still live in poverty. There’s probably no real connection there.”To those people, all foreign women are the same. I can’t tell if it’s because local cultures emphasize hospitality, because Western men are inherently sexy, or for some other reason. It says – “oh, those women just want your money, or a life abroad, or a softer, older man. But my version of the story is that South-East Asian ladies have always made me feel like home in ways that my countrywomen can’t.It’s true in the sense that Asian countries tend to be either Muslim (Pakistan, Indonesia) or Confucianist.Both traditions are against public displays of affection and sexual interest – so women do act modestly in public. They want to fuck – and they’re into some naughty things that’d make a liberal American chick blush. Visit Asia, bang some local chick and experience a different sex life.

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    According to The Daily Beast, he added: 'Take his (Allah's) word as your light and code and do not let other prisoners, whether they are so called "Scholars" or even your family members, divert you from the truth.

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