Dating violence middle school lesson plans

Here’s how it works: curriculum includes free, easy-to-follow lesson plans teaching teens and 20-somethings about dating violence.

This digital resource comes in two editions, one targeting high school and the other targeting college students.

Educating young people about healthy relationships is critical to preventing dating abuse.

Luckily, many great tools exist to get schools started. This comprehensive, best-practices model includes everything from how to implement a school-wide dating violence policy to teaching students how to be leaders in preventing dating violence.

This article won't cover all the whys or statistics of Internet safety, but if you're looking for some great resources try reading the following: The Net Smartz Workshop Web site is a virtual plethora of information, well-suited for parents, teachers, kids of all ages and teens.

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Strategies for Healthy Youth Relationships is a consortium of researchers and professionals dedicated to promoting healthy adolescent relationships and reducing risk behaviors.

Enhance school safety by planning empowering lessons during School Violence Awareness Week the third week in October.

Activities with a theme of nonviolence create a positive learning environment and teach students to peacefully resolve differences and show respect for peers.

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