Dating wool fibers

There is always a thread for ride sharing when we get closer to the retreat.* If you have questions about the retreat, PLEASE email us at [email protected] of PMing one of us on Ravelry or sending us Instagram DMs.

The gathering building is open-air on the sides but there are large fans in the ceilings, and we will be bringing extra fans to keep the air moving.* Meals are provided, and are served in a dining hall cafeteria-style.The retreat is in a wooded area and having food/drinks in sleeping quarters attracts bugs and rodents.All food and drink will be able to be stored in the cafeteria and the gathering area once it has been opened.Please give yourself an hour or so buffer of drive time due to the possibility of traffic, as this has occurred regularly when folks pass through Nashville in particular.If arriving on time is going to be an issue, please reconsider signing up.

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