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Tracks like, “Join Me,” released in 1999, “In Joy and Sorrow,” released in 2001 and “Funeral of Hearts,” released in 2003, are some of the most recognized tracks included on this album.

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It follows the attempts of a young male protagonist to impress a young woman, aided by a group of people known as the "Rub Rabbits" into completing a series of minigames related to the plot.

‘Will put you down in front of others and, if extremely skilled, will be able to get others to do the same.’ 11.

‘They don’t make time for you except for when it’s convenient for them.’ 12.

‘Not valuing your wants and needs: if you go to the gym every day because it makes you feel good, and every day your partner questions you and argues with you about it until you feel guilty for a harmless activity.’ 13.

‘Taking control of money, basically everything is under their control financially.

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