Do rihanna and chris brown dating again

Chris and Rihanna infamously got back together in 2013 and went public with their romance, but it fizzled out once again and now she's back with Drizzy.

The two have played coy regarding their relationship status, with the rapper calling her "my dog for life" and insisting they're just friends ... They were also spotted grinding on stage in Paris and have had so many rendezvous in the past couple of months that we've lost count. Chris is aware of this but insists it's not a big issue; Drake and Brown did bury the hatchet and bro-hug it out last year, even before he went to rehab.

It’s bigger than Chris Brown because he isn’t responsible for hitting every woman that has ever been a victim of domestic violence.

It’s bigger than Chris Brown because he won’t be the one to punch your sister, niece, aunt, mother, grandmother, or daughter.

"If you start feeling like a 'chore' to someone, you probably are! On-again, off-again and on-again couple Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran has been into one controversy after another and not that Brown admitted that split with Karrueche Tran because of Rihanna fans say the suspicious tweet is good enough to fuel wedding rumors.

Thy Black Man reported that the Diaamonds singer and the Loyals rapper were spotted kissing in a night club in Los Angeles last month.

On Twitter, it led to the creation of the hashtag “#Its Bigger Than2Short.” It’s bigger than Chris Brown, too.

Brown, 24, does have a lot of other things to worry about these days, specifically his mental health issues, myriad legal woes and career comeback.

There's a difference between being together and wanting to be together. The family loved Chris Brown before they even met him. He always gave me great respect." Star Magazine quoted a source speculating that "No one close to them would be a bit shocked if they suddenly eloped.

It's a relationship, not a routine." The quote was accompanied by a picture of Rihanna slicing a loaf of bread with the caption "Bitches be slicing bread instead of putting out an album every year." Karrueche responded on Instagram, posting a photo of herself with Brown captioned "When you and bae taking a pic and she feel ya dick on her butt". " Rihanna's father Ronald Fenty recently told Life and Style magazine that he has forgiven Chris Brown, saying, "Whatever makes her happy. Rihanna has told her close friends point blank- 'I would marry Chris.' She even says she would have never left him if the media scrutiny didn't get so bad.

Here's hoping the meds are working and he gets the treatment he needs in there, because this is just the kind of thing you can see setting him off.

It seems like the “Work” singer is adding fuel to the fire of speculations about the real score between her and her ex-boyfriend as she sends him an interesting birthday gift.

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