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You need something to strive for, but make sure your goals are realistic.

This is the first race, so do not expect to finish a marathon in record-breaking time.

It’s no surprise that he takes offense to the tone of her question, “So, you drive a truck?

” Their dinner quickly becomes a competition rather than a date.

I can hear their reading skills improving and their confidence growing with each session, even with the ones that struggle the most.

You have such a wonderful ability to meet each child at her ability level and work up from there.

You might want to research as well to gain more of an insight of the different racing options available.

The picture of Pete's wife is different in later episodes than from the pilot.

It is done so sophisticatedly, that the whole show has become one big pyschlogy lesson for me.

They are critical to the success of any organization, so make sure you take time out of your day to thank them, and remind them of how special they really are!

A realistic choice for your first race might be a five-K walk or run.

A 5K is not as difficult to train for and you can still get the satisfaction of completing a race.

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