E harmony dating site

Paying ~0 for a 6-month subscription to not be getting any matches consistently after only one week is absurd.

I don't have any political stances or religious needs holding me back, I'm open to whatever.

Once you get that result, your account is locked unless you contact us.

If you would email us at [email protected] the email address associated with that account, I'd be happy to investigate and see if I can unlock that for you.

I filled out the questionnaire and back and forth with someone. I also tend to get men way older than me and out of my age range messaging. I’ve had matches that are 100 percent who never responded to me many times.

Instead all I have received are matches that are located in Delaware, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Florida. 60% of my matches that e Harmony sent me were men of ** ethnicity.

Why I would pay just to cancel is another ridiculous suggestion. Take a look at the rest of the reviews on this site and I think you'll see we all agree.

While I'm sure e Harmony crunches a lot of data, they miss the big picture.

Customer service then told me to try retaking the personality quiz, which was almost insulting.They also should offer trials, like other dating website that charge. I signed up for e Harmony THREE YEARS AGO and spent over an hour taking their personality quiz.At the end of the quiz, I received a message that says, "We're sorry – we are unable to find the right type of people for you.Los Angeles-based eharmony launched in the United States in 2000 with its patented Compatibility Matching System® which allows eharmony members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship. Day after day, e Harmony matches me either with a member that is no longer a paid member. Potential dates removed often and now recycling old submission and smile and send questions to every one and get absolutely 0 responses. I contacted customer service about the matter, requesting a refund and of course no refund could be made.They do not match me within my county, because I live near the Canada border. They hold no responsibility for anything on their site. KEEP YOUR MONEY AND DON'T WASTE IT ON THIS SITE!!!!

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