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We have been reported about links to websites that contain viruses. My uncle works for the forest department aunt is a nurse and live with a housemaid Rina who is about thirty.

During one of my school holidays I used to go and stay with my uncle and aunt in a village.

I believe that if we work together, we can create an amazing change in our communities! It's an awesome place to have fun and meet new people and there are times to get advice if your in need and its just an all around great place to have fun and meet new people!

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’Uncle and aunt looked at each other for a moment and aunt asked me to come out of the room.She whispered to me.‘Remember Rina had tummy problem many hours ago and she is still having the pain and can't do poop. You are a little boy so I let you watch how we do it.But I want you to promise me that when you go back to school you don't tell any of your friends what you are going to see today, ok? When we went back to the room uncle had already put Rina in the position for her treatment.One evening Rina meant to take me to the village market but she didn't feel very well and didn't even come out of her room.I asked aunt what happened to her and she said Rina has a stomach problem.

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