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There is never a dull moment in the penguin exhibit.

Watch for these commonly seen behaviors and processes that offer a window into penguin biology and their complex social interactions.

Not many, especially in Texas, would turn their football field into a sustainable farm.

No matter what you want to do, our academic programs will empower you to think bigger and take charge of your future.

The physical features of the exhibit—water, rocky shore, cozy burrows—encourage the full range of penguin behaviors, and through sophisticated use of light and temperature controls, Academy penguins experience sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.

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Penguin experts believe that commercial fisheries are largely to blame for the decline - fisheries continue to draw down stocks of the fish that African penguins consume, leaving them with an increasingly empty pantry. We can bring the fun to your four-legged friend, too. Whatever the reason, penguins have a knack for capturing our hearts.SANCCOB, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, is the biggest rehabilitation center in the region, and responsible for successfully rehabbing tens of thousands of penguins affected by spills. The SSP's goal is to ensure the long-term survival of a viable population of African penguins.The good news is that African penguins are finding a strong ally in the Species Survival Plan (SSP), a program sponsored by the California Academy of Sciences and 53 other zoos and scientific institutions in the U. Since 1983, numerous chicks hatched at the Academy have moved to other zoos and aquariums around the country in order to maximize long-term genetic diversity in the captive-bred population.

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